First Aid

Whether on the job, in your home, or hiking the Apalachian Trail, knowing First Aid allows you to help someone who becomes sick or injured. We offer various levels of first aid training, as well as courses for specialized situations.

Companies and private citizens can save a life. We read stories every day about people using tourniquets. The equipment we sell is the same we carry in our personal vehicles. Our classes will teach you how to use them.

First Aid Equipment Get the best available!

Basic First Aid programs cover a range of topics. We offer courses with various levels of certification. You decide how in-depth you want to go! These are three to seven hour courses that cover medical emergencies (e.g., heart attack, stroke, seizures), injury related emergencies (e.g., bleeding, fractures), and environmental emergencies (e.g., heat, cold). Which course you take just depends on what level of training you are looking for.

Advanced First Aid takes it to the next level! This 18-hour course covers more advanced topics but also provide more in in-depth training on those covered in the basic courses.

Wilderness First Aid is an Advanced First Aid course but with specialized training for those situations where you will have limited medical supplies and professional rescuers may be delayed.

Emergency Medical Responder, previously called First Responder, is advanced training for Corporate Response Teams, Police, and Fire Departments. It covers much of the content of an EMT course but stresses the practical assessment and skills needed in emergencies prior to the ambulance arriving.

We also offer a wide range of specialized training. Do you want to learn how to:

Instructor certification for these courses is also available.

For dates and times of all courses offered in our Woburn training center, please check our Class Calendar. Or Contact Us to set up an on-site or blended course.